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    Virginia Tech dairy in the spring.
    Virginia Tech dairy in the spring.

VT Dairy -- Home of the Dairy Extension Program

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April 2014 Dairy Pipeline - The VTDairy Newsletter

2014 Area Dairy Conferences presentations now available

A Decision Making Tool to Determine the Feasibility of Purchasing Virginia Milk Commission Base     
Article  |  Spreadsheet      
onzalo Ferreira and Mike McGilliard

    Jeremy Daubert

Jeremy Daubert began his duties as the area dairy extension agent based in Rockingham County on November 10. Jeremy was raised on a registered Brown Swiss dairy in Pennsylvania, earned a B. S. in Dairy Science from Virginia Tech in 2000, and has an extensive background in dairy operations. Upon graduation he spent two years as a herdsman on a large dairy located on the eastern shore of Maryland. In 2004 he and his wife started their own dairy on a rented facility in Lancaster County, PA. In 2006 they moved their herd to NY where they operated their dairy on two different purchased facilities. In 2011 they sold the farm and the majority of the cows and moved to Myerstown, PA where they managed a 250 cow robotically milked dairy. Jeremy’s wife, Becky, is also a 2000 Virginia Tech Dairy Science graduate. They are proud parents of two children, Hayley (9) and Trey (3). We are so pleased to welcome Jeremy (and his family) back to Virginia as valuable member of our dairy extension team!

Calf Feeder
Group housing and feeding systems for calves-opportunities and challenges
Feeding Recommendations for automatic calf feeders
from the calf autofeeder meeting in Rocky Mount, VA

Pasteurizer use for calf feeding, presentations by Dr. Bob James 

Group housed calf systems--better recruiting and training is required
Felix Soriano, MS, PAS, APN Consulting, LLC 
(former Virginia Tech Dairy Science graduate student)

Group housing and feeding systems for calves-opportunities and challenges 
by Dr. Bob James  and Kayla Machado  slides | paper

Organic Milk Production Handbook

Staphylococcus aureus Mastitis: Cause, Detection, & Control
Extension publication by: C.S. Petersson-Wolfe, I.K. Mullarky, 
and G.M. Jones

Reference Guide for Mastitis-Causing Bacteria
Extension publication by: C.S. Petersson-Wolfe and J. Currin

Advances in Precision Phosphorus Feeding Webcast webcast

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April 26, 2014
Little All-American
Virginia Tech


May 3, 2014
Virginia Tech Dairy Judging Workshop
Blacksburg, VA


May 14, 2014
Dairy Forage Field Day
Charlotte County
Contact Bob Jones at (434) 542-5884 or

May 14-15, 2014 
Leadership Facilitation Workshop
Harrisonburg, VA
Contact Jeremy Daubert for details

May 15, 2014
Dairy Forage Field Day
9-11:30 a.m. Ameva Farm,
Amelia County
Contact Laura Siegle at (804) 561-2481 or

May 15, 2014
On-Farm Forage Management Meeting with Dr. Gonzalo Ferreira
Amelia County 
Contact Laura Siegle for details


May 18, 2014
VCE Rockingham County open house
Rockingham County fairgrounds


May 19, 2014
12th Annual Hokie Cow Classic
Blacksburg Country Club
Register online


June 11, 2014
Dairy Day 
Harrisonburg Turks Baseball Game


July 30, 2014
VA Dairy Expo 
Weyers Cave


July 30, 2014
Showing and Fitting Workshop

July 31, 2014
District Dairy Show


August 1, 2014
VA Sale of Stars


August 2, 2014
VA Summer Show


Sept. 22-24, 2014
2nd Annual SQMI Meeting
(Southeast Quality Milk Initiative)
The Inn at Virginia Tech
Details TBA


Current Dairy Industry Stats

As of 03/31/14--
VA DHI cows: 58,150
VA DHI herds: 329
VA DHI average herd size:  177

March 2014
Herd Summary

Virginia  December 2013 
mailbox price: $23.52
more mailbox prices... 

October 2013--
US cows: 9,202,000
VA cows: 95,000

VA dairy herds as of  
February 6, 2013--
    Cow: 623
    Goat: 17   
    Sheep: 2 

Herd Distribution
Map is being updated.

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