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    VT Dairy Barn and Parlor from Southgate
    VT Dairy Barn and Parlor from Southgate

VT Dairy -- Home of the Dairy Extension Program

Announcements & New Information

January/February 2015 Dairy Pipeline - The VTDairy Newsletter

    Jan/Feb 2015 Dairy Pipeline




Silo Face Management

Length: 4:56

(New video by Dr. Gonzalo Ferreira)

2014 VSFA & Nutritional Management "Cow" College presentations

2014 Area Dairy Conference presentations 


A Decision Making Tool to Determine the Feasibility of Purchasing Virginia Milk Commission Base     
Article  |  Spreadsheet      
Gonzalo Ferreira and Mike McGilliard

Calf Feeder
Group housing and feeding systems for calves-opportunities and challenges
Feeding Recommendations for automatic calf feeders
from the calf autofeeder meeting in Rocky Mount, VA

Pasteurizer use for calf feeding, presentations by Dr. Bob James 

Group housed calf systems--better recruiting and training is required
Felix Soriano, MS, PAS, APN Consulting, LLC 
(former Virginia Tech Dairy Science graduate student)

Group housing and feeding systems for calves-opportunities and challenges 
by Dr. Bob James  and Kayla Machado  slides | paper

Organic Milk Production Handbook

Staphylococcus aureus Mastitis: Cause, Detection, & Control
Extension publication by: C.S. Petersson-Wolfe, I.K. Mullarky, 
and G.M. Jones

Reference Guide for Mastitis-Causing Bacteria
Extension publication by: C.S. Petersson-Wolfe and J. Currin

Advances in Precision Phosphorus Feeding Webcast webcast

Read AgWeb Dairy Blogs


Feb. 3, 2015
VANTAGE No-Til conference

Feb. 4-5, 2015
PA Dairy Summit, Lancaster, PA

Feb. 4-5, 2015
Canadian Dairy Xpo, 
Ontario Canada,

Feb. 18-20, 2015
69th Annual Virginia State Feed Association and Virginia Tech Nutritional Management "Cow College"
Hotel Roanoke
Roanoke, VA
Brochure | Register online
Additional registration options now available!
Attend one day (your choice) for $100.
Use the online registration link above OR mail/fax (with your choice of day and $100) written on the form.


Mar. 9-13, 2015
Area Dairy Conferences
--March 9  -  Amelia
--March 10 - Harrisonburg
--March 11 - Culpeper
--March 12 - Rocky Mount
--March 13 - Marion



Current Dairy Industry Stats

As of 12/31/14--
VA DHI cows: 59,591
VA DHI herds: 324
VA DHI average herd size:  184

December 2014
Herd Summary

Virginia October 2014
mailbox price: $26.11
more mailbox prices... 

August 2014--
US cows: 9,276,000
VA cows: 93,000

VA dairy herds as of  
Sept. 2014--
    Cow: 620
    Goat: 17   
    Sheep: 2 

Herd Distribution
Map is being updated.

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