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    VT Dairy Barn and Parlor from Southgate
    VT Dairy Barn and Parlor from Southgate

VT Dairy -- Home of the Dairy Extension Program

Announcements & New Information

2017 Area Dairy Conferences



2017 VSFA & Nutritional Management "Cow College" (PDF | 672KB)  


Photo of the Cow College Schedule for web display.












January/February 2017 Dairy Pipeline -- The VTDairy Newsletter

    Nov/Dec. 2016 Dairy Pipeline










Income Over Feed Costs in the Dairy Enterprise

    Income Over Feed Costs









Silo Face Management

Length: 4:56


January 16-20, 2017
Area Dairy Conferences
Mon. 16th--Culpeper  
Tues. 17th--Franklin
Wed. 18th--Valley
Thurs. 19th--Amelia/Southside
Fri. 20th--Southwest 

January 24, 2017
Virginia Dairy Princess Pageant
Roanoke, VA

February 15-16, 2017
VSFA & Virginia Tech Cow College
Hotel Roanoke
Brochure | Registration Site

March 2016
Hands on Calf Workshop - TBD



Current Dairy Industry Stats

As of 11/31/16--
VA DHI cows: 54,094
VA DHI herds: 280
VA DHI average herd size: 193

November 2016
Herd Summary

Virginia August 2016
mailbox price: $16.81
more mailbox prices... 

May 2016--
US cows: 9,319,000
VA cows: 91,000

VA dairy herds as of  
August 2016--
    Cow: 595
    Goat: 15  
    Sheep: 2

Herd Distribution

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Dairy Pipeline

The VTDairy newsletter is published  9 times a year and covers timely issues vital to the success of any dairy enterprise. 

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The newsletters are archived at the Virginia Cooperative Extension site and may be accessed via the Dairy Pipeline link at the top of this page.