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Road to the new dairy facilities at Smithfield

Upcoming Events:

Farm Advisory Teams
Contact or to develop a farm advisory team.

Regular Women in Agriculture Meetings
Every 1st Tuesday @ 7:30 pm

June Dairy Month Poster Contest
Postmark Deadline June 15, 2021

State 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl
June 12, 2021

Franklin County Livestock Show
June 12, 2021

June Dairy Month Baseball Game
June 17, 2021

Virginia Dairy Expo
July 9, 2021

Multi-Min Producer Meeting--Dayton
July 12, 2021

Franklin County DHIA Banquet
July 15, 2021

Virginia Colored Breed Show
August 5, 2021

Mill Wheel Show Clinic
August 6, 2021

State 4-H/FFA Dairy Youth Field Day
August 6, 2021

Virginia Summer Holstein Show
August 7, 2021

Hokie Cow Classic
October 18, 2021

Cattle WISE for Dairy & Beef
October 22, 2021

Current Dairy Industry Stats

Virginia January 2021 mailbox price: $16.95   |   more mailbox prices...

March 2020 Herd Summary   

VA Grade A Dairy Herds as of September 2020:  Cow: 424   |   Goat: 2 

VA Manufactured Grade Herds as of September 2020:  Cow: 3  |  Goat: 12   

VA Grade A Herd Distribution

What's New?

June issue of the Dairy Pipeline. Screenshot of the front page.
June 2021. In this issue: Strengthening Women in Agriculture through Hands-On, Engaging, Educational Programming; It's what's for dinner: Beef on dairy management; Upcoming Events

Recent Issues

May issue of the Dairy Pipeline. Screenshot of the front page.
May 2021. In this issue: Heat Stress and Fetal Programming in Dairy Cattle: Multi-Generational Effects; Evaluating a Dairy Herd's Reproductive Management; Upcoming Events
Front page image April 2021 Dairy Pipeline
April 2021. In this issue: Are you not quite ready for a COVID-19 vaccine?; Alternative Mastitis Treatments; Upcoming Activities

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