Upcoming Events:

February 26, 2019
Transitioning to Grazing Workshop

March 12-15, 2019

Area Dairy Conferences
March 12—Rocky Mount
March 13—Amelia
March 14—Dayton
March 15—Marion

April 27, 2019
Little All-American

May 20, 2019

Hokie Cow Classic

What's New:

January/February 2019 Dairy Pipeline image

March 2018 Dairy Pipeline image

Check out Dr. Ferreira's latest video! (Spanish version is below.)

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Current Dairy Industry Stats

As of 12/31/18--
VA DHI cows: 45,232
VA DHI herds: 221
VA DHI average herd size: 205

December 2018
Herd Summary

Virginia September 2018
mailbox price: $16.24
more mailbox prices...

August 2018--
US cows: 9,400,000
VA cows: 83,000

VA dairy herds as of  
October 2018--
    Cow: 514
    Goat: 17
    Sheep: 1

    VA Herd Distribution