Upcoming Events:

Franklin County Dairy Educational Series
Topics to be focused on Financial Planning, Farm Transition, Cow Health, Comfort, Hoof Health and more. Contact cmartel@vt.edu for more information. Dates TBA.

September 16, 2017
Premier National Jr. Dairy Showmanship contest, Harrisonburg, PA

September 17, 2017
Premier National Dairy Showmanship contest, Harrisonburg, PA

September 29, 2017
State Fair Jr. Dairyman’s

September 30, 2017  
VA State Fair Dairy Show
September 22 & October 19, 2017

Augusta/Rockingham/Rockbridge Hay/Forage Quality Superbowl
Samples & Forms deadline: 9/22
Results Program & Dinner: 10/19
Details TBA

October 3-8, 2017

Bus trip to Fair Oaks Farm and World Dairy Expo (jdaubert@vt.edu)

October 3-7, 2017
World Dairy Expo

February 14-15, 2017

Virginia State Feed Association Convention & Virginia Tech Nutritional Management "Cow College"


What's New:

Check out Dr. Ferreira's latest video! (Spanish version is below.)

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Current Dairy Industry Stats

As of 8/31/17--
VA DHI cows: 52,769
VA DHI herds: 265
VA DHI average herd size: 199

August 2017
Herd Summary

Virginia April 2017
mailbox price: $16.72
more mailbox prices...

July 2017--
US cows: 9,403,200
VA cows: 87,000

VA dairy herds as of  
July 2017--
    Cow: 562
    Goat: 16 
    Sheep: 1

    Herd Distribution