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Cow Colleges

Held in February, the annual Virginia State Feed Association Convention is teamed with informative talks from experts on the latest research and topics critical to dairy interests--the "Cow College" portion of the three-day event. Proceedings from the meetings are available via the drop-down menu above. 

  • The next "Cow College" will be held February 15-16, 2017 at the Hotel Roanoke. Special emphasis on feeding management on dairy farms; sourcing feed ingredients; controlling feed quality of forages and grains; feed and forage evaluation; animal welfare, the current business environment, managing employees, mycotoxins, the research being conducted at Virginia Tech and much more! Look for additional information to be announced soon regarding speakers and registration.

Area Dairy Conferences

Usually held in March, the Area Dairy Conferences are a series of discussions on various important topics organized by VTDairy and brought to multiple local communities. Access past proceedings using the link to the right.  The upcoming Area Dairy Conferences are scheduled for January 16-20, 2017.


Dairy Guidelines

Dairy Guidelines are peer-reviewed, numbered Extension publications covering a multitude of topics. Browse the sortable VCE database via the link above.

Dairy Pipeline

The VTDairy newsletter is published  9 times a year and covers timely issues vital to the success of any dairy enterprise. Request an e-subscription here.

The newsletters are archived at the Virginia Cooperative Extension site and may be accessed via the Dairy Pipeline link above. Browse the sortable VCE database via the link above.