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Dr. Larry Tranel is coming to Virginia!

Dr. Larry Tranel is a well known Extension Specialist with Iowa State University offering farmers a wide range of key areas of interest, including business and financial management, employee management and training, Hispanic resources, grazing/pasture systems, buildings and facilities, milking systems (low cost parlor designs, robotics), grazing systems, dairy goats, and small/beginning farmers.

VCE is proud to host Dr. Tranel for three days on August 30—September 1st in both Franklin and Rockingham Counties. This unique opportunity will include specialized programming in both counties.  


Personalized Consultations

Additional fee required for this one-on-one farmer consultation.  Each consultation lasts 2 hours per farm.  Cost is $250.00 per farm and spots are limited to 2-3 per county.  To sign up for a consultation you must pre-register with Cynthia Martel (Franklin; or Jeremy Daubert (Rockingham; and payment must be made by August 20th to secure your spot.

This opportunity can include low cost parlor resign consultations or financial analysis. Contact Cynthia Martel  or Jeremy Daubert to sign up for this unique consultation.
*Limited spots available.*

Additional Programs

Day or Night Group programs at each location are free to participants, but you must pre-register.  Night programs will serve  dinner, you must call your County VCE office to sign up. Forgetting to call in means we won't have a proper count for food and may result in you having to forgo dinner!


Franklin County—Monday, August 30 
8:00 am-10:00 am:
On-farm consultation #1
10:30 pm –12:30:
pm On-farm consultation #2
Low-cost parlor group visit Kermit and Jerre Austin Dairy farm (FREE)

  •  Location: Kermit and Jerre Austin Dairy Farm, Nekoda Ln, Ferrum, VA


3:30pm—5:30 pm: On-farm consultation #3
6:30 pm: Night Program for all producers (FREE)


Rockingham County—Tuesday, August 31

11:30 am: On-farm consultation #1
2:00 - 4:00 am: On-farm program: Low Cost Parlor Transition (FREE)
6:30 pm: Farm Stress program (FREE)


Rockingham County—Wednesday, September 1

9:00 am-3:00 pm: Pasture Walk at Galen Knicely Farm  (FREE) Discussion of agronomy, grazing, and profitability. See a demonstration of what irrigation can do during a year of drought.

Lunch and refreshments will be served

  • Location: Galen Knicely Farm
    949 Reeves Road, Bridgewater, VA




Dr. Larry Tranel headshot.
Dr. Larry Tranel, Iowa State University Extension


Joint program with Dr. Larry Tranel speaking in the morning and afternoon sessions with Organic Valley and Fertrell.


We will be following the most recent CDC Covid guidelines during the programs. We will have signs posted around locations for information.