2017 ADC


The Importance of Forage Quality for Milk
Tim Mize, VCE—Culpeper County

Dairy Revenue Risk Management Strategies
Tom Weller, AgRisk Management, Weller & Associates, Inc.

With or without catastrophic margins, where do you stand?
Dr. Gonzalo Ferreira, Virginia Tech Dairy Science

Avoiding information overload: Tips for managing farm data
Dave Winston, Virginia Tech Dairy Science

Current herd health issues and Veterinary Feed Directive issues
John Currin, DVM , Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine

Pathogens in Manure Management
Cynthia Martel, VCE—Franklin County

Effect of equipment function and parlor management on milk quality in the Southeast US
Dr. Christina Petersson-Wolfe, Virginia Tech Dairy Science

FARM 3.0
Jeremy Daubert, VCE—Rockingham County

Resources for Mastitis Management
Laura Siegle, VCE—Amelia County

Moving your dairy forward one decision at a time
Kevin Spurlin, VCE—Grayson County



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