Held at the Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center   |  February 15-17, 2012  |  Program Schedule
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The Impact of the new USDA food plate recommendations on animal agriculture
Marianne Smith Edge IFIC

Feed Industry Issues for 2012...NGFA's Policy Agenda
Randy Gordon, NGFA

Grain Market Update
Henry Graves, Bunge North America

The Ever Changing World of Feed Additives in the Poultry Industry   
presentation | paper
B.S. Lumpkins & G.F. Mathis, Southern Poultry Research

What's New in Feed Mill Automation? 
presentation | paper
Tom Shoen, Comco Manufacturing

Maintaining Feed Quality
presentation | paper
Joe S. Moritz., Poultry Science, West Virginia University

Future Challenges for Virginia Agriculture
Matt Lohr, Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs

The State of the Equine Industry
Steven A. Elliot, Global Equine/LIFEFORCE Director, Alltech Inc.

Management of Your Feeding Program
Bob James, Virginia Tech

New Analysis to Better Describe Feeds for Animal Agriculture
Ralph Ward, Cumberland Valley Analytical Services

Preserving Quality Feed & Feed Quality
Patrick French, RP Feed Components

Impact of Processing and Genetics on Starch Digestibility
Ralph Ward, Cumberland Valley Analytical Services

Improving Herd Performance with TMR Audits
Bill Stone, Diamond V

Feed Management Practices at Pond Hill Dairy, LLC
Keith Moritz, Owner

Feed Management--Vanderhyde Dairy
Slides | TMR tables

FeedWatch by VAS
Zach Myers, Myers Dairy, Inc.

Feed Ingredients & Quality Control
Angela Mills, Southern States Cooperative, Inc.--Feed

Environmental Issues Facing Virginia Dairy Producers  
presentation | paper
John L. Welsh, Virginia Cooperative Extension

Impact of Genomics on Dairy Cattle Breeding 
presentation | paper
Bennet Cassell, Dairy Science, Virginia Tech

Water Quality for Virginia Dairies
Erin James Ling, Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech

Issues in Managing Group Fed Calves
Bob James, Dairy Science, Virginia Tech