2019 VSFA Convention brochure image

Held at the Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center  

2019 Program Schedule

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Transportation speaker

Report from NGFA
Randy Gordon

Dr. Jewel Bronaugh, Commissioner of Agriculture

Advances in Understanding Dietary Protein Utilization in Dairy Cattle
Jacquelyn Prestegaard
, PhD Student, Virginia Tech

LaVaun Janney, Southland Dairy Farmers


Grain Market Update
Robert Harper, Virginia Farm Bureau


Sustaining Milk Prices: Nutritional Strategies to Optimize Milk Fat
Dr. Tom Jenkins
, Clemson University


Sustaining Milk Prices: What Additives Help Maximizing Milk Fat?
Dr. Kevin Harvatine, Penn State University

Sustaining Milk Prices: Nutritional and Non-nutritional Factors Affecting Milk Components and Revenue
Dr. Patrick French, RP Feed Components

Sustaining Milk Prices: Nutritional Strategies to Reduce Mastitis and Improve Milk Quality
Slides | Paper
Dr. Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University

Recent Advances and Future Technologies for Baled Silages
Dr. Wayne Coblentz,
USDA Dairy Forage Research Center, Marshfield, WI

Recent Advances for Calf and Heifer Development and Growth
Dr. Kristy Daniels
, Virginia Tech


Dynamics of Incorporating Baleage in Beef Operations
Wayne Coblentz

Forage-finishing Beef Systems
Susan Duckett

Virginia Cooperative Extension’s Graze 300 Program
Chris Brown

Summer Stockpiled fescue in Cow/Calf
Slides A  |  Slides BPaper
Matt Booher and Taylor Langford

Mineral Needs of Beef Cattle Managed in Forage-Based Systems
Beth Kegley

Value of Creep Feeding in Cow/Calf Operations
Bain Wilson



Form to Function: Equine Digestive System
Dr. Robert (Scott) Pleasant, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS

Managing Horse Pastures for Optimal Nutrition
Carrie Swanson,
Unit Coordinator, Extension Agent – Equine

Therapeutic Use of Forages for Horses
Dr. Tania Cubitt,
Performance Horse Nutrition

Science vs. Sales Pitch: Nutritional Supplements
Katie Delano,
Equinutrix Nutrition Solutions 

Pain Management & Digestive Health
Dr. Melissa Mercer,
Resident, Large Animal Medicine

Holistic and Alternative Healthcare for Horses
Dr. Rebecca Funk,
Clinical Assistant Professor Equine Field Service