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Dairy Management Spreadsheets 


  • Dairy Trends.pdf

    Western Dairy Accounts Dec. 2010

  • AnnCost.xls

    Calculates Annual Cost of Machinery/Equipment for n years

  • BudgCS.xls

    Corn Silage Budget from Extension Service

  • BudgCow.xls

    Dairy Budget from Extension Service - 1 year, cash flow, ration feeds

  • BudgGraze.xls

    Dairy Grazing Budget - Extension Service, cash flow

  • BudgHeif.xls

    Dairy Calf / Heifer Budget - Extension Service, cash flow

  • BudgHeifByAge.xls

    Dairy Calf / Heifer Budget - Extension Service, cash flow, by ages

  • BudgPast.xls

    Pasture Budget - Extension Service

  • BudgCowNC2011.xls

    Cash Flow Budget for North Carolina 2011

  • BudgWest.xls

    Cow Enterprise Profit-Loss - accounting firm format, multiple years

  • BudgWisc.xls

    Dairy Cow Profit-Loss - by enterprises, by herd, cow, and cwt milk

  • Concrete.xls

    Estimate cost of concrete

  • CropNPk.xls

    Compute manure nutrients and crop acreage to utilize them

  • DecChart.xls

    Score and weight decision alternatives (goals)

  • Decal.xls

    Decision Analysis - Time value conversions and business measures

  • Decal2010.xls

    Decal with Rate of Return macro for Excel 2007 or later

  • FinStmts.xls

    Financial Statements: Cash Flow, Profit-Loss, Networth

  • LeaseBuy.xls

    Compare lease to buy based on net cost

  • LoanTax.xls
    Amortize and evaluate loans, w/ tax deductions (annual/monthly)

American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists

Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory

Dairy Commodities

Dairy Farming Today

Mid-Atlantic Water Program

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service

Dairy Calf and Heifer Association (formerly PDHGA)

Searchable Proceedings of Animal Conferences

Southeast Quality Milk Initiative (SQMI)

Southeast United Dairy Industry Association, Inc.


USDA Agricultural Marketing Service

USDA Dairy Industry Data

USDA Economic Research Service

USDA National Agricultural Library

Virginia Department of Conservation & Recreation

Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Virginia Milk Commission

Waste Solutions Forum

Preventing silage-related injuries and fatalities among farm workers

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Winter Crops as a Feed Source for Dairy Cattle

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Determining Harvesting Time for Corn Silage

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Management of compost-bedded pack barns

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Manejo del becerro recién nacido - Newborn calf management

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In the spring of 2020, we hosted short calls at noon each Friday to update dairy producers in Virginia on current topics.  Available recordings for those calls are linked below.

April 24: Jeremy Daubert, VCE, "What can extension do for you?

May 1: Elizabeth Moretz, The Dairy Alliance, "Dairy Promotion"

May 8: Eric Paulson, Virginia State Dairymans Association, "Dairy Policy Updates"

May 15: Christinia Petersson-Wolfe, Virginia Tech, "Mastitis Reduction Tips"

May 22: Gonzalo Ferriera, Virginia Tech, "Forage Quality"

May 29: Dave Winston, Virginia Tech, "Dairy Records Key Indicators"

June 12: Jeff Bewley, Alltech, "Lean Dairy Management"

June 19: Christine Brodeur, DFA, "Milk Contracting Basics"

June 26: Jeremy Daubert, VCE, "Heat Stress Strategies"

July 3: Michele Payn, Cause Matters, "Communicating Science to the Public"

July 10: Joe Dalton, University of Idaho, "Strategies for using Beef on Dairy"


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